Practice Makes Perfect. Really.


Basketball is a sport where practice literally makes perfect. Most good coaches will tell you to shoot at least 500 shots per day, while working on your left hand layups and focusing on taking at least 100 free throws. John Wooden once said “it’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”. This quote really touches base on how important practice is. Coach Wooden knew that everyone wasn’t going to be the best athlete or the best shooter but he always coached his players to understand and play to their strengths. If you’re not a solid offensive player try and work on your ball handling as often as possible. It can be as simple just watching an instructional video on ball handling, also figuring out what you need to work on by taking the initiative and asking your coach is one of the most important things in being a student athlete and basketball player.

When you want to practice some advanced rebounding drills or ball handling drills you can always practice by shooting free throws. If you miss the free throw, run after your rebound and try to grab it at its highest point, once you get it, hold the ball and start to practice dribbling between your legs multiple times. Once you get into rhythm head back to the free throw line and shoot until you miss. And then repeat.


For those of you who want to practice their left hand layups there is a very easy and efficient drill you can run. First you want to start on the left side of the basket, facing it. Then lift your left leg towards your chest, place the basketball in your left hand, and make sure it’s sunken and fit into your palm. Once you have done that start practicing by letting the basketball slowly come up off your fingertips as if you were trying to make a layup. Once you feel comfortable or have made at least 10 in a row. Start to run towards the basket while dribbling with your left hand and performing the same routine and try to lay it up as well as you can. Another drill you can try is called the “George Mikan Drill”. This drill consists of you standing under the hoop and trying to lay the basketball up on both sides as quickly as you can using both hands. Left hand for the left side and right hand for the right side. Keep in mind you are not moving or running at all but standing in place and working on your finishing under the rim. This is a great drill for big men who cannot finish at the rim. It will give them the opportunity to gain off hand strength which will truly help them in the low post.

Basketball is one of the best sports around because it literally comes down to how much work you want to put in. At the end of the day, if you only workout and work on your game for 4 hours  a week and the guy you have to guard has been working his butt at 4 hour pace everyday then he will undoubtedly always have the upper hand on you. His handle will be solid, his jumpers will fall and it’s all because he has the confidence in himself because he has been working his butt off all week. Keep in mind that your ethic is what will make and break your basketball career. The harder you work the better you will be. Its simple.

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The Benefits of Playing Basketball

Basketball is a good activity for young children who are into sports at a very early age. Basketball is one of the most popular ball games in the world today. The most skilled (and highest paid) professional basketball players who are on top of their game started out playing basketball at a very young age. What if your energetic and active toddler could be the next Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Wouldnt you want to cultivate their talent at an early age?

It is time to browse the Internet and look for the proper equipment for your budding young athlete. There are many basketball sets that are sold online, and all you need to do is find the time to browse and look around for the best deals.

The benefits of playing basketball

A proper basketball set will teach children many things, and not just the skills of playing basketball. Very young toddlers playing with a basketball set will develop advanced gross motor skills, balance and coordination. When the child is playing with his peers, he also develops social skills. While these necessary foundations are being built and developed, the child also learns about game rules and the concept of competition. A child who understands these concepts early is on the first steps to becoming the sportsman that draws respect and admiration.

A basketball set that provides the proper amount of challenge, therefore, develops more than active play. It prepares the child for life and teaches him how to play a game with rules, and at the same time how to have fun in sports. There are two types of basketball sets for toddlers –indoor and outdoor.

Essential features of an outdoor basketball set for toddlers       

Typically, a basketball hoop designed for preschoolers have the following features:

  1. Junior basketball
  2. Backboard
  3. Oversized rim
  4. Stretchable nylon net
  5. Telescoping pole/ lift system
  6. Base (requires sand or water for additional weight and stability)

Some basketball sets are made from high-performance plastic materials while other are made from a steel frame. Most poles come in three pieces that need to be assembled by the parents using the most basic tools. But the ones for the youngest tots are not adjustable. When you decided on which model to buy for your kids, you need to consider the advantages of getting a telescoping pole so that the child will be able to use as he gets older and taller.

There are incredible toddler basketball hoops for every age. The typical ones designed for toddlers measure from two to four feet. This height is just right for very young basketball players. The models meant for the most inexperienced players are meant to facilitate shooting from a short distance. But if the little tyke shows early potential as an elite basketball athlete, you can readily adjust the parameters of the equipment and increase the level of challenge so that he develops the necessary skills.

Perfect for outdoor play and entertainment

Growing children require outdoor exercise. They gain numerous health benefits from an outdoor play that can never be equalled by indoor activities. Fresh air and the sun help children grow healthier and more energetic. Outdoor basketball is a great way of building up muscles and bone, and a high-quality basketball hoop is all that children need to enjoy their first sports activity.

Some of the more popular children’s toy manufacturers that offer great outdoor hoop options are:

  1. Fisher Price
  2. Little Tykes
  3. Spalding
  4. Lifetime

These brands are a bit more expensive than others, but they have very high-quality dependable products that are child safe and guaranteed to last for a very long time.

Most parents eventually get a professional junior hoop when the kids outgrow the outdoor set that they have enjoyed as toddlers. This is often the case when one or all of the kids become hooked on basketball and grow up with exceptional athletic abilities. These more advanced basketball sets are manufactured with a sturdy backboard and can be extended in height to as much as six feet tall. Some models such as the one sold by Lifetimes can be adjusted to ten feet, making the basketball hoop appropriate for adults as well.

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